Corporate Social Responsibility



The “Growing the Game Together” initiative highlights Greenshoots’ commitment to identifying, supporting and nurturing young sporting talent at the grassroots level. Our first foray in this area is through sponsorship of Delhi based badminton player, Vaibhav Jadhav: Currently ranked #54 nationally at U19 level, his recent triumph at the U19 Adidas Uprising tournament we believe is the first of many and we shall update as he progresses through the ranks


We feel the right to education (both sporting and non-sporting) for all children to be a self evident truth, regardless of financial situation, physical disability, caste or religion.
To this end, in our small way, we currently provide support to the following NGO’s through funds raised through our Tokyo Marathon 2015 initiative:
Aapne Aap Women’s Collective (Mumbai): An anti-trafficking organization that educates the women and children of Kamathipura, the red light area of Mumbai. More specifically, monies raised will be used for the NGO’s “Udaan” programme. The focus is on empowering the daughters (ages 6 – 18 years) of women in prostitution to pursue a life away from the red light district. Further information of the organization can be found on

The Society for the Education of the Crippled (Mumbai):An NGO providing education and physical rehabilitation to children with disabilities from a disadvantaged economic background. More specifically, monies raised will be used to provide educational and medical assistance to 6 girl students for a period of 4 years. Further details on the NGO are available

SD Vidya School, Noida

In addition, Greenshoots also offers multi activity sports classes to NGO schools in Delhi NCR: We currently run a programme at S D Vidya School in Noida, where more than 110 children get free coaching through our customized modules. S D Vidya School is a NGO which educates children from the nearby rural area. Through this programme and future ones, we endeavour to better the lives of these children and provide them the opportunity to play sports which previously may have been inaccessible.