Multi Sports


Multi Sports Module: This module is run in two age groups (Ages 3 – 6 Years) and (Ages 6 – 8 Years) keeping in mind the different stages of development of the participants. The age appropriate modules are designed to provide an introduction to sports to children in a fun, safe an interactive environment. Each class is divided into two sporting disciplines to enable children to get greater exposure to a wide range of sports at an early age, providing them a basis to select a specialization of their interest at a later date. During the duration of the module, a total of 12 sports / games are covered: T-Ball, Futsal (Small Sided Soccer),Karate, Swimming, Badminton, Non Contact Rugby, Cricket, Dodgeball, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Handball

Small Sided Soccer Module: This module is run for ages 6 – 8 Years and provides an opportunity for children to focus solely on football. It builds on the well-established principle that skill development for young children in this sport is better achieved through small-sided games and drills as opposed to large sided matches. Children are introduced to the basic principles of the game such as passing to feet, playing with both feet, moving into space, shielding the ball, marking etc. The notions of teamwork and friendly competition are also stressed